5000 Spotify Plays! Cheapest Spotify Play BEST service here! HQ Spotify Plays

by    Blog,Music Promotion   Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

5000 Spot Plays! BEST & Cheapest service here! HQ Plays
This is the best Sp0tify PLAY service.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed No Drop on Followers (Stay permanent)>> High Quality Spot Plays.>> Fast Start>> HQ USA Plays ( All USA plays ) (Mixed Top EU Countries can be added on playlist plays ) >> No password Required ( just your track’s link (URL))>> Slow , Safe & Drip Feed Reliable Delivery ( we can setup custom delivery on big orders)>> Get Royaltees>> Rank higher and make your tracks known!>> 60 seconds play minimum ( up to 120). ( my competitors are doing 40 seconds plays. POINT)>> Direct supplier of sp0tify services, so you’ll get top notch services & customer support! Super fast support if needed as we’re handling the deliveries ourself, not outsourcing them.
>> You can split a big order among multiple songs ! ( Recommended)>> Minimum per song is 5k plays. If you want to add multiple songs you’ll have to buy extras below!The plays will be delivered slow ~ 1k-2k per day max (depending on the site of the order )so they will be safe and good for royaltees ( it will take a few days to update on their Spot tracking system). The order will be completed once the plays will show in your spot App. On bigger orders (50k+) the speed can be increased on demand! Don’t ask for faster speed on a small 5k-10k order. I won’t speed it up!
We are always over delivering! If you’re happy, we’re happy!

You can add multiple links in bigger orders.